Integrated - Chargebacks, Rebates, Pricing, and Contracts
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CRECSYS - Chargeback, Rebate, and Contract Management System

Pharmaceutical and Medical-Surgical Companies are facing a challenge today in managing contracts. More than seventy percent of health care supply dollar is acquired using contracts or indirect sales. Chargebacks, singled out by many health care supply chain players, are the biggest source of inefficiency in health care supply chain and the best area to achieve savings. The time and cost associated with processing and validating chargeback requests can easily become very high for indirect sales. Contracts directly impact your sales and mismanagement of contracts means loss in revenue due to overpayment of chargebacks. The integrated contract management is the key for gaining efficiency in indirect sales.

CRECSYS, from Bizcord Systems, is the first web-based integrated solution for automating the life cycle of chargebacks, rebates, contracts, and pricing for the pharmaceutical and medical-surgical companies. The system manages wholesaler/distributor debit memo/chargebacks submissions, re-submissions, validations, and provides reconciliation to the claims. It synchronizes contract pricing and wholesaler/distributor pricing. It also administers Group/GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) setup and membership maintenance.

CRECSYS not only, lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO), but also gives you competitive advantage in building GPO, wholesaler and customer relationships. With CRECSYS, your company will be in the driver's seat. Internal management of contracts, chargebacks, and rebates provides greater efficiencies resulting in higher profits and Return on Investment (ROI).

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