Simple, Affordable, and Flexible Solutions

About Us

Bizcord Systems LLC, provides software and related services for life sciences companies (pharmaceutical and medical product companies, wholesale distributors and managed care organizations) to effectively manage their contract sales and business-to-business relationships with customers, distributors, and group purchasing organizations (GPOs).

Life sciences manufacturers are faced with an unprecedented market challenge in managing contract sales – more than seventy percent of health care supply dollar is acquired using contracts or indirect sales. Bizcord is committed to provide flexible solutions for contract sales management. Bizcord offers the first web-based integrated solution that takes an end-to-end perspective on contract sales management and seamlessly automates chargebacks, rebates, contracts, group membership, and pricing. With Bizcord’s, CFR Part 11 ready solutions, companies eliminate the contract and regulatory compliance risks.


Improve customer business value by offering simple, affordable, and flexible solutions.

  • Business execution – Execute the job first.
  • Accountable – Share the load with customers.
  • Simplicity – Given equal explanatory power, the simpler theory is to be preferred to the complex - William of Occam (c. 1284-1347)
  • Flexibilty – Solutions that scale and evolve with the business.
  • Non-stop innovation – Always a room for improvement.