Real Time Membership Updates
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CRECSYS - Chargeback, Rebate, and Contract Management System

Groups and Membership Management

Group management allows you to manage groups and memberships (customers) of Contract. With CRECSYS you can manage multiple contracts for a single Group (GPO) and manages exact copy of the customerís membership list using industry standards like HIN/DEA as well as customer ids used by GPO, wholesalers/distributors and your internal customer ids.

  • View and search thousands of group members using Group Id, Group Name, Direct fees, Indirect Fees, HIN, DEA, GPO customer Id, your internal Customer System Id, Start Date, End Date, and Customer Name.
  • Ability to upload the exact copy of Group Members using Excel format Ė online.
  • Ability to add several documents (Email, Images, Word, Excel, PDF, etc), Address, Contacts, Comments or Notes to a Group.
  • Ability to add and track membership at the Class of Trade (COT) level.
  • Ability to create new members using the existing facilities (customer address) by searching the customerís name, address, city, state and/or zip. This feature allows you keep avoid the duplicate facilities in the database.
  • Any change in the group membership is notified (EDI 845) to all the wholesalers/distributors very next day, keeping the membership data synchronized.
  • Ability to set up direct or indirect group administration fees having the period as monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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