Define WAC, Contract, and Best Pricing Strategy
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CRECSYS - Chargeback, Rebate, and Contract Management System

Product Pricing Management

CRECSYS allows you to have the universal product database with pricing strategy that maximizes your return on investment. Manage wholesaler/distributor pricing using standard and/or special Wholesaler Acquisition Cost (WAC), contract product price, Best price, Cost Price, Floor price, and list price at Unit of Measure (UOM) level.

  • Use the industry standards for product ids NDC (National Drug Code), UPN (Universal Product Number), UCC (Universal Commercial Code), and your internal product ids.
  • Ability to organize products and pricing by product groups.
  • Ability to define standard pricing wholesaler/distributor Wholesaler Acquisition Cost (WAC), List Price, Best Price, Cost Price, and Floor price.
  • Ability to define special WAC pricing and contract product pricing with direct and indirect Admin fees.
  • Ability to set up product minimum quantity and total quantity for each UOM.
  • Ability to add several documents (Email, Images, Word, Excel, PDF, etc), Address, Contacts, Comments or Notes to a product. You can attach Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) documents to your all your products online and set up the security permissions so that all your partners/customers can access the information from a single repository.
  • Synchronizes your pricing information with wholesalers/distributors in real time.

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