Synchronized, Centralized, and Standardized Contracts
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CRECSYS - Chargeback, Rebate, and Contract Management System

Contract Management

Contracts are an integral part of indirect sales due to the financial and compliance pressures. CRECSYS manages the complete lifecycle of the contracts, reduce the procurement expenses and operation costs, increase revenues and customer satisfaction, improves order-to-cash cycles, and enhanced compliance. Provides centralized contract management with security to access relevant information such as contract type, contract status, product pricing, prime vendors, wholesaler/distributor notifications, documents (Word, PDF, Excel etc), contacts, and addresses with in your organization.

  • Efficiently provides the composition, administration, tracking/auditing, and renewing of contracts. Manage the lifecycle of contract using status types Entered, Signed, Active, Hold, Expired, Terminated, Cancelled.
  • Ability to view and search thousands of contracts using the contract id, contract name, contract status, group name, start or end dates.
  • Ability to set up complex product pricing, direct admin fees, indirect admin fees, admin fee period (monthly/quarterly/yearly) at unit of measure level.
  • Ability to set up prime vendors for your contract.
  • Automated pricing integration with wholesalers/distributors in real time. When a price change is made to the products the nightly job will create the notification automatically and send the contract changes via standard EDI 845 to all the wholesalers, effectively reducing the contract administrator workload. Your contracts will never be out of sync.
  • Monitor and track user changes with complete auditing of the contract changes with user id and time stamp.
  • Electronic document management for your contracts to achieve greater levels of control, effectiveness, and automation. You can scan, capture, and add any document (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc) for your contracts.
  • Business contact management by recording and keeping track of all the business contacts, notes, comments, addresses for your contracts.

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