Validate, Re-submit, Adjust, and Force Pay Debit Memos
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CRECSYS - Chargeback, Rebate, and Contract Management System

Chargeback and Debit Memo management

Managing and validating wholesaler/distributors chargebacks/Debit Memos is straightforward in CRECSYS as it totally integrates contracts, membership, wholesalers/distributors and pricing in one system. CRECSYS speeds up the validation process by automatically validating all the chargebacks that comes via EDI (844 or 867). User has to work only on the debit memos that have errors and requires correction. The corrections can be easily made having online access to all other modules. CRECSYS has already a step ahead of the competition by moving to a paperless chargeback process, using the electronic re-submissions and unique debit memo line number identifier.

  • Validates all 32 errors codes from Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA).
  • Process chargeback claims with manual entry, standardized EDI (844 or 867) chargeback requests or using the Excel (CSV) import. Sends the standard outbound chargeback reconciliation EDI (849).
  • Manages the lifecycle of the Debit memo using Entered, Validated, Adjusted, Released, Rejected, Force Pay, Pending, Paid statuses.
  • Manages the lifecycle of Debit Memo line. The lines can be put on Entered, Validated, Adjusted, Rejected or Force Pay.
  • Automatically finds out if the Debit memo is duplicate or resubmit.
  • Ability to create Reverse and/or Resubmit (Error lines only) Debit Memos from original submission (historical data) without affecting the history of the original submission.
  • Manual entry feature of the system not only allows your company users to create Debit Memos but wholesalers/distributors can also take part in the Chargeback processing including the reconciliation.
  • If there are errors in validating debit memos, users can adjust, reconcile or correct it at the header and the line levels.
  • Ability to set up debit memo tolerance and daily draft amount tolerance so that you do not over pay wholesalers.
  • Ability to create cross-references (data maps) for Contract Number, Product, Unit of Measure (UOM), and Customer Id. Supports the industry standards identifiers for customer ids HIN, DEA, Wholesaler Customer Id, Group (GPO) customer Id, your internal customer Id.
  • Ability to add several documents (Email, Images, Word, Excel, PDF, etc), Comments or Notes to a debit memo further confirms the reconciliation process.
  • Integrates with the A/R systems by sending the payment requests. Receives the Credit memo from the A/P system and sends EDI 849 to wholesalers/distributors.
  • Use variety of reports to analyze the sales trends Sales Extract, Line Activity, Aged Debit Memos, Unknown Contract Errors, Wholesaler/Distributor payment, Chargeback Rejection analysis, Wholesaler/Contract Sales.

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